Pregnant and you don’t want belly stretch marks? Read this

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August 29, 2017
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Stretch marks are those lines that appear on the skin and other areas of your body. They most commonly occur when you are pregnant. If your mother had stretch marks when she was expecting, then you will too. At least half of women get striae, no matter how big their baby bump is. They are not dangerous from a medical standpoint, but the lines on the skin are anaesthetic. Getting stretch marks is inevitable. Well, not quite. There are ways to prevent stretch marks, like Secret Saviours intelligent clothing. Not only will you enjoy your pregnancy, but also you will be appreciative that you do not experience itching.       

Why do women hate stretch marks

If you hate stretch marks, then you should know that you are not the only one. All women hate the change that their bodies go through when pregnant. The lines on the skin are simply unsightly to say the very least. It is not possible to be aesthetic with stretch marks. Besides the fact that the skin is sagging, you have scarring on your belly and, sometime on your thighs. Instead of looking down at your belly and getting excited, you become upset. There is nothing to like about stretch marks and this extreme dislike of scarring is rational. You can tell yourself that it does not matter what you have below the belly, but you know that it does. 

The battle against stretch marks

You can eat right and do plenty of exercise, but this will not help you prevent stretch marks. Using a pregnancy band to reduce stretch marks, on the other hand, is effective. A pregnancy band is basically a support band that helps put a stop to skin changes when you are expecting. The pregnancy band is designed with pads that protect the skin, so that it is a lot harder for striae to appear. Women who are expecting a baby are required to wear the support band during the day time and use special creams. Does it work? Yes, it does. Women who have used the pregnancy band have disclosed that they didn’t experience scarring, despite the fact that they had gained in weight considerably. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that this ingenious product is only available in the UK.

It’s okay if you fear stretch marks

As surprising as it may seem, there women out there that do not get stretch marks. They manage to give birth and get back into shape right away, not having any stretch marks. You could say that it is luck. Not experiencing scaring has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with genetics. Since your mother has stretch marks, you will have them too. This is why you are so scarred. You do not want to end up hating your pregnant body. As mentioned before, there are answers to your problem, so do not threat. Your body will not transform into something disgusting. On the contrary, you will proud of your figure.



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