Private schools vs. public schools- how to decide which one is the best for your child

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July 25, 2018
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The education of your children is always a reason to stress about for you as a parent. You want to make the best decision when it comes to guiding your kids into the educational system as you want for the schools to have an effective teaching model with well-prepared professors that can help your kids building a strong foundation of knowledge.

The subject of Private vs. public schools has always been a disputed one, both of them have pros and cons, so here are some things you should consider before choosing between those two:

Financial situation

You might want to make sure that you afford your decision, tuition taxes are something that you definitely should take into consideration. It is well known that private schools are pricier than public ones so even if you are thinking about sending your kid to a private school make sure you can pay the taxes required. We can say that one of the private schools’ cons can be the fact that some parents might not afford to pay such expensive taxes for their kids to study there. 


Quality of education

Money is definitely not a reason good enough for choosing between public and private. Even though you can save some money by sending your kid to a public school you might miss the most important idea. The quality of education is often better in OC private schools because these schools have to offer modern ways of teaching, better facilities and well-prepared teachers very strong motivated into educating your kids. Another thing that might raise the quality of education in the private sector is a smaller number of students in classes that means better participation in the learning process. However, this is not always the case, public schools can also educate your kid very well, it is usually just a matter of resources used in the process of teaching.



Your kid might need something more than just good education from his or her teachers, and that might be the need of exposure to other cultures and races, which tends to be more likely in public schools. Attending a public school can help your kid experience a greater diversity when it comes to socializing and learning from his colleagues. Private schools tend to be stricter about choosing their students, so there might be a less racial mix, and also about the time they give to their students for socializing.



If you value and wish a stricter discipline for your child private schools might be a better choice. Because of the smaller number of students, teachers can look over your kid’s behavior better than in a public school where classes tend to be overcrowded and harder to control every kid’s attitude and actions. However, if you think this is not a must for your kid public schools also offer a minimum set of conduct rules to assure a good comportment of their students.


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