Pros and Cons of Microwave Cooking

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The microwave oven has always been a controversial subject due to the mixed advantages and disadvantages it implies. Considering that most people own a microwave oven and they use it on a daily basis, we thought we should clarify the matter one more time by presenting you the pros and cons of microwave cooking so you will know whether or not you should keep using your oven.


  • Compared to other ways of cooking, the microwave is much lower in fat as it doesn’t require adding oil to the food. This way, you can get a healthier meal that is more low-fat than roasting or frying by simply turning the grill on and adding no oils and fats.
  • The biggest concern about microwave cooking is the fact that it destroys the nutrients in food, but if you take a closer look you will find out that this happens during many other cooking processes. Some vitamins are eliminated whether you boil, fry, or bake the food, so you can lose nutrients while preparing the food in many other ways as well. If you cover the food with a glass lid, most of the nutrients will be preserved inside the food.
  • Food cooked in the microwave oven takes less time to be ready as the heat penetrates the food in depth and starts cooking it from inside out. Using the microwave will limit the cooking time and will make sure the food is evenly cooked by spreading the heat evenly and cooking it faster without altering its color and shape. Moreover, if you get one of the 2016 finest microwave ovens, it will come with special programs designed specifically for your favorite dishes such as mac and cheese or pasta. You can also heat the food faster and easier using the microwave oven.


  • Most people fear of the electromagnetic radiation caused by microwave ovens that emit a type of wave that can endanger one’s health. However, this is only possible if the microwave oven is broken and there are radiations escaping from inside it. This is why you should always have your microwave oven fixed in case it doesn’t work properly or the door doesn’t close tight.
  • Another disadvantage of microwave cooking is the poor flavor of the food compared to other cooking methods. Even if you use one of the 2016 finest microwave ovens, the food cooked in the microwave will never be as tasty and juicy as the one cooked in the electric oven or on the stove.
  • Microwave ovens can become very dangerous of you use the wrong type of container while cooking the food. The metallic plates and bowls are dangerous because they interfere with the electromagnetic waves and create a magnetic arch. The plastic casseroles should be avoided because, at high temperatures, there are chemicals released from it and they can become carcinogenic. The glass containers are the best to use when cooking in the microwave oven.

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