Questions to ask your metal parts manufacturer before buying

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August 23, 2017
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When you order metal custom parts from a specialized manufacturer, you have to make sure that you collaborate with a professional company. It is advisable to check the provider’s ability to produce viable metal products and to meet deadlines. When you want to find a partner for offering you metal parts you have to check its ability to provide quality products in the time frame you establish. Your firm’s reputation will depend on the speed you receive the metal pressing parts. But you should not ignore their quality, because in order to have satisfied clients you have to offer the best products from the market. So before you make a purchase it is advisable to ask yourself some questions.

What types of products do you need?

When you want to purchase metal parts you have to know from the beginning the type of materials you want to use. Different manufacturers use different materials to make the metal parts, so you have to make sure that you collaborate with the one that will offer a great balance of long-term viability and cost-effectiveness for the final products you will get. For example if you need products that will be exposed to moisture or mildly caustic environments then you should ask the provider if they offer products made from plain steel, because this is the perfect material to be used in this type of environments. If you want to buy products that can be exposed to corrosives, then you should consider collaborating with a manufacturer, as Regent Engineers that provides stainless steel products.

Do you need products that feature special finishes or coatings?

Alongside with deciding the type of material you will use for your metal parts, you will have to inform the provider if you need a special coating or finish. These two aspects will have a great impact on the viability of the product. For example, if you want to make sure that the products will not experience scratches when they will be moved, you should ask the provider to coat them with soft PVC. Also, if you want to remove the microscopic flaws, then you can ask the provider apply an electro polish finish. The finish and coating are important when it comes to the usage and utility of the products, so you should not ignore this aspect.

What does the manufacturing process implies?

When it comes to manufacturing techniques, they are different from one provider to another. If in the past some tasks were done exclusively by hand, nowadays providers have automated processes that can perform the same job. For making some tasks more consistent and faster, new technologies were designed and introduced. So you should ask the manufacturer you intend to work with, what technologies they use. If you choose a provider that relies on manual assembly, then you can expect to deliver the products slower than if you would collaborate with a company that uses automated technologies. Robots have great precision when creating a metal part, and they do not get tired, as people do, so you will receive the products at the established date.

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