Questions to ask yourself before adopting a pet

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February 25, 2020
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There’s nothing more wonderful than adopting a cat or dog. But are you really ready for this responsibility? Are you really ready to take care of other living creatures? Some say that adopting a pet is similar to having a child, and they’re not wrong. But, alongside all the happiness and joy a pet brings, it also comes with specific challenges you must be ready for. Some pets have health issues, others suffer from anxiety, and some refuse to socialise with other pets. Also, if you stay in a rented house you need to check with the landlord because some don’t accept pets. 

But all the love and joy pets bring outweigh the complications they introduce, so it’s worth adopting one. However, before heading to the local shelter and picking a fur-friend to ask yourself some questions because they’ll help you figure out what kind of pet you want. 

What are my expectations for our relationship?

Do you want a training buddy? Rescue animals have no say in who adopts them, but you need to determine what qualities make them the right pet for you. So before heading to the rescue centre decide what type of animal you want, and inform the personnel so they’ll help you find them. If you want your dog to join you when jogging take them to a dyreklinikk nittedal to ensure they’re healthy and they can stand the physical effort. 

Will the pet fit to my lifestyle?

Before deciding if you’ll get a cat or dog you need to evaluate your lifestyle. If you spend most of your day out of the house then a cat would probably be a better fit because they require less time. But if you are an active person who spends a lot of time outdoors and you want a pet to join you in your adventures, then adopt a dog. But with both cats and dogs you need to come home as early as possible because they need care and love. Sometimes even cats get lonely and become anxious when they know you have to leave the house. if you notice that your cat’s behaviour changed lately, visit a veterinær nittedal to figure out if they are suffering from health issues. 

Can you afford it?

Adopting a cat isn’t as expensive as buying one, but it also comes with costs. In a perfect world, money wouldn’t come between you and your pet, but you’re not living in an ideal world, so you must determine if you afford to adopt a pet. Check with the local vet from dyrlege nittedal to find out how expensive the care and vaccinations are. 

Also check if the rescue centre has an adoption fee. Usually, it depends on the treatment the pet receives while they stay at the centre. You will also have to visit the vet a lot during the first six months of life because they need many check-ups and consultations. You may also have to take the pet to day-care when you’re at work if there are days when you spend more than 8 hours away from home. 




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