Room ideas for loft conversions you should know about

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November 9, 2017
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A loft conversion is an incredible improvement homeowners could bring to their homes. This happens because of the endless design possibilities one has for those. Also, these spaces are incredibly versatile and can meet different necessities and purposes. Also, financial advantages emerge from bringing such improvements to a property. Experts in the real estate industry claim that a loft conversion will boost a property’s value by 20%. However, below we have various design ideas you could put into practice after an attic conversion.

1. Set up a spacious, modern bathroom

In many cases, the bathroom space available in a home is quite limited. Those who want to treat themselves with an at-home SPA experience choose to invest in a loft conversion for the sole purpose of turning it into an amazing, spacious bathroom where they can lay back and relax after a busy day at work. In terms of design ideas for a bathroom of this kind, there are plenty of alternatives, one more appealing than the other. A Victorian-era bathroom will tickle the fancy of those classy families out there, while a modern design, with plenty of mirrors and sharp edges will be more to everybody’s taste. Discuss with your loft conversion company Leyton located and see if your idea is suitable for the layout of your addition. Even if it isn’t you will both come to a result in terms of design in no time. You have to simply discuss with them your vision and ask them to adapt it to the existing space.

2. Go for a child’s room

The natural light that comes with an attic conversion makes these spaces just perfect for a child’s room. Important for a healthy development of children of all ages and playing an incredible role in their circadian cycle, natural light will regulate their sleeping hours. Also, for this purpose, the space is easy to arrange and divide between various interest areas, such as a small study area, a small sleeping area and a small play area, depending on your loft’s dimensions.

3. Opt for a study or home office

Those working from home will certainly appreciate the advantages brought by loft conversions. These areas can be easily transformed with success into home offices, the exact space that an individual working from home needs in order to boost their focus and productivity, being somehow separate from the other levels of a home, they allow the individual to reduce the number of distractions experienced. For instance, when setting up your office in your living area, you have easy access to all the other areas of your home, and distractions as well. A loft conversion in which you set up your office will eliminate with success those.

These are three amazing design ideas for a loft conversion. The space of these areas is generous, being a versatile one at the same time. Regardless of your needs, an attic conversion is the right answer for you.

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