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May 8, 2017
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When you are on the road and you hear a rock hitting your windshield you instantly think of the worst scenario, because the object will leave a chip that can obstruct your view. You are aware that even if now the chip is quite small, soon it will spread and you will have to replace the glass. There are cases when a crack or chip do not require asking a company as to replace your windshield, because there are other options available. Specialised services can repair the glass that was previously scrapped, and you will be able to save the windshield but also a great amount of money. However, you have to keep in mind that even the most advanced repair techniques have their limits and in case the glass is severely damaged, you have to replace it. Here are some signs you should not ignore, because they warn you that you have to replace the windshield as soon as possible.

Check the diameter of the chip

In case this is the first time you are dealing with a chip of the windshield, then you should know that the process of replacement may be a long one, and you have to make sure that you measure it before heading to the services, or calling experts to come and replace it. In case the diameter of the chip is larger than 35mm, then you have to get in touch with professionals and ask them replace your windshield. However, if the diameter is less, then you should take your car to a local service and they will repair it before it transforms into a crack.

Check the distance of the chip from the windscreen’s edge

In case you have experienced a hit by a fling object in your windscreen, you have to check the position of the chip, because if the crack or chip is placed within 7 cm from its edge, the glass is compromised. If the crack is placed somewhere within this distance, it compromises the efficiency of the fitment of the glass. If you are not sure if you should replace the windshield or not, you have to take your car to a reputable centre and ask a professional check it. There are companies that can send a team to your location, so you should choose the option that suits you better.

Check the length of the chip across your line of vision

To determine if you should replace the windshield or not you have to consider its length. In case it has more than 10mm on your line of vision, and it extends on more than 30 cm across the glass, then you should consider replacing it. Any imperfection similar to this will affect your vision and you will not be able to drive in security conditions.

The damage of the glass is larger than a credit card

If the glass of your car came in contact with a large piece of debris, then there are great chances that the chip to be larger than a credit card. In this case, you have to replace the windshield, because the crack will become larger and will affect your safety.

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