Starting secondary school: common parental concerns

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December 2, 2017
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Making the normal transition from primary to secondary school raises similar concerns for both parents and children. This may sound surprising, but this important event manages to bring together different generations and strengthen the relationship between them. Inevitably, when assimilating a significant change, a person experiences mixed feelings and does not know how to act in the moment. However, even though parents and their kids share the same concerns, the perspective is completely different because after all, a parent benefits from extensive life experience and maturity that he can fully use in order to make sure that his child integrates into the new environment successfully. Kids react differently to this change: some of them enjoy the taste of independency while others are scared of the responsibility that comes along with the rewards of independency. For this reason, the parent needs to be there at every step in order to observe the child’s evolution.

Ensure the safety of your child

Practically, the process begins with exploring Secondary schools in West London so parents make sure that their kids receive the best education. After a critical selection, each parent has to visit the institution in order to examine the facilities and rest assured in this regard only because the worries are just beginning. One of the main concerns that parents inevitably face during the transition of their child from primary school to secondary school is undoubtedly safety. Whether during the journey to school or in the building, a child faces many threats that a parent must anticipate and solve ahead. Therefore, discussing with the child and establishing a safe route is extremely important. Furthermore, the parent needs to have the certainty that his kid will not experience bullying, which unfortunately has become very “popular” among children and teenagers. The most efficient method of preventing this from happening is to communicate openly with the school and inquire about the safety measures, more exactly both physical and emotional protection of the children.

Teach him responsibility and organization

However, if your child goes to Park Academy West London, bullying or the lack of protection should no longer represent a concern. Instead, you will be more preoccupied with organization, homework and building your kid’s confidence, especially if he is shy and introvert. You have to let him know that having mixed emotions is normal when entering a new environment and that everyone goes through the same situation, but the most important thing is to succeed in making friends and getting involved in various activities. In time, he will get used to the schedule and enjoy a different routine. Teach your child that even though change may seem terrifying at the beginning, in time everything gets better, you just need to have patience. Besides fitting in, coping with the amount of homework and different subjects is equally important so you need to make sure that you child put his responsibilities first. Even though this stage requires a lot of planning and involvement from both parents and children, in the end, all the efforts will worth it and the child will successfully transition to secondary school.


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