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November 27, 2017
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December 2, 2017

Even though you do not call yourself a collector, you probably own antiques that have significant value. Whether we are talking about old records, coins, action figures, baseball cards, comic books or stamps, you are sitting on a gold mine in the making and you do not even know it.  The biggest mistake you could make is to throw them away or give them to your children who will eventually destroy them. On the other hand, the smartest move is to rent a storage unit, carefully pack and transport them and then simply forget about them. Of course, you should visit the facility from time to time in order to make sure they are intact and in perfect condition because they can bring you a lot of money at some point in the future. Actually, the more you keep them protected in the unit the more their value will increase over time.

What to consider when storing collectibles

After deciding to rent a space adequate for your collectibles, the first step is to explore storage units Raleigh and analyze their features to ensure they represent a good and clean environment for your precious items. This should not be a daunting process because it is quite obvious that you must rent a climate-controlled unit that will protect them against harsh temperatures, moisture and humidity. Moreover, you have to pack them carefully using the necessary supplies and also pay attention when you place them inside the storage unit. Considering that your collectibles value will increase throughout the years, you have to make sure that the facility in question provides top-notch security. Furthermore, inquire about the specific needs of each item so that you ensure their longevity. Storing your collectibles in original boxes will definitely add to their value. Write down all the items on a list and when visiting the facility, analyze their condition attentively.

Items that increase in value

In terms of baseball cards, you can easily store them due to their size and whether you have full sets or just a favorite team, you cannot wrong them with these collectibles because in the end, you will still get a good price for them. Comic books or graphic novels represent treasures with interesting stories and characters for the readers. If you choose to store them, you have the guarantee that you will find someone willing to purchase them because everyone likes them. On the other hand, if you own rare coins in perfect state, especially if they are made of silver and gold, store them in protective cases and make sure the unit is always dry because they degrade easily. After all, you want their value to increase after waiting so much time to sell them. When it comes to books, if you have first editions and they are in perfect condition, then you are very lucky because they are the most valuable ones and if someone famous signed them, even better. Nevertheless, they are sensitive items so heat, sunlight and moisture represent their main enemies.

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