Stress-relief is achievable without recreational drugs or alcohol abuse

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Whether it’s your job, family problems or something else that is bringing a lot of stress into your life, managing to cope with the problem in a healthy way might seem challenging. Today’s generation has the highest rates of drug consumption and alcohol abuse, and that has led to worrying issues, one example being the opioid overdose crisis that has results in the death of numerous young people. If you have found yourself in the position of taking recreational drugs or consuming too much alcohol to obtain momentary stress-relief, you should know that there are other means of support available.

Holistic approach towards battling drug cravings – body detox

Whether your drug problem has turned into an actual addiction, or you think you haven’t reached that level yet, making the decision to give up on the consumption of any illegal substance, regardless of how seldom you might be taking them is the first step. However, replacing them with prescription drugs in order to keep your stress controlled is not a good choice either, regardless of what some traditional drug rehab centers might be prescribing. A holistic approach towards a stress-free and drug-free life is the better path to walk on. A complete body detox, juicing and other natural treatments are the ideal answer when you are trying to prevent drug addiction and to improve your mental health.

The power of meditation

Without proper lifestyle changes, noticing an improvement in your mood and state of mind won’t be possible. Mediation can quickly become your new favorite “drug” if you start understanding its power and using it to your advantage. Staring your day off with a half an hour of “you time”, during which you can reflect on your life, get the bad vibes out of your system and embrace a positive way of thinking will have wonderful effects. Start meditating, and do it frequently, and your stress level will soon start to decrease.


It has been pointed out by all specialists that a healthy mind is codependent on a healthy body. Exercising will increase your endorphins naturally, and allow you to benefit from a better general mood. Whether it’s jogging, Pilates, aerobics, yoga or any other form of work out, engaging in physical activities is a key factor in a balanced, calm, happy life, and that is what specialists also claim and recommend, one example being Johnny The Healer. As difficult as it might be in the beginning, if you are usually a sedentary person, push yourself into becoming more active, and you’ll find yourself happier without the need of consuming drugs or alcohol.

 With the anxiety epidemic that today’s generation is going through as well as the increased issues linked to high level of stress, more youths are resorting to recreational drugs and alcohol to experience relaxation and fun. Despite the short-term “stress remedy” these seem to provide, going on a path of illegal substances and alcohol abuse is far from accessing a solution, but on the contrary, it would affect your quality of life even further. It’s time to analyze your options, seek sobriety and engage in activities that will come with a long-term stress relief effect, while not putting your wellbeing and health at risk.

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