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In the past few years, paddleboarding has significantly increased in popularity. More and more people fall in love with this amazing activity that doesn’t require much practice to master. However, there are a few accessories specially designed to enhance your experience. Finding the right equipment can be an overwhelming task, but all these accessories have been released to improve your experience on the water and even enhance safety in some cases.

Thus, while it might be crucial to acquire a stand up paddle board that suits your needs and caters to the activities you intend to perform with it as research conducted by underlines, a board that specializes in the activity you plan to take up, whether it is recreational paddling, yoga, fishing, or surfing, it is equally important to be accompanied by the right accessories on your ride as well to enjoy the experience to its fullest. Hence, whether you are new to this sport or just looking to add some new accessories to your paddleboarding equipment, there are several items that you should carry with you.

SUP Paddles

Once you have decided what board is right for you, take the activity to the next level and choose a paddle that suits your needs. As such, before making a purchase, there are a few things to consider:

    • Material The weight of a paddle is usually determined by the material used to design that paddle. A lightweight paddle is something that most people want, but it might cost more. “Less is more”, so less weight means more money. However, to help you decide what to choose, take a look below.
Material type Highlights
Fiberglass The fiberglass paddles are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They allow for simple turns and movements. They help you maintain a great equilibrium on the board.
Aluminum Although they are more inexpensive than others, the paddles made of aluminum are heavy and limit your movements.
Wood As compared to aluminum, wood is pretty lightweight. It is not cold to touch like aluminum. Wood paddles come with a nice design. They have a vintage finish.
Carbon fiber The paddles made of carbon fiber are the most durable paddles. They are lightweight and truly worth the extra money.
Plastic You might think that this is a lightweight material, but the truth is that it is more heavy than most of the above materials. However, the plastic paddles are cheap and provide a good grip.
  • Length Another important factor to consider when purchasing a paddle is the length. The right paddle should be chosen based on the user’s height and weight. According to several professional paddleboarders, the right paddle should help you maintain your balance. Thus, it’s not all in how well you play with physics to paddleboard like a pro as the paddle itself plays a tremendous role as well. Also, your choice depends on what you are intending to use it. For example, if you are looking to purchase a paddle for racing, then you will need one that is 12 in. taller than you. For flat water, the paddle has to be 10 in. taller than you while for surfing, you just need a paddle that is 8 in. taller than you.
  • Adjustable paddlesGenerally, adjustable paddles are composed of two or three pieces. They accommodate multiple users as they can be adjusted according to each user’s height. They are great for couples and families with multiple users. Although they are made of lightweight materials, adjustable paddles are much heavier than regular ones.
  • Blade size
    There are two different types of paddles available on the market, cruising and surfing paddles. The surf paddles provide excellent balance and help you maintain your equilibrium on the board, preventing falls, while the cruising or touring paddles are mid-sized, narrow paddles, specially designed for people who spend more time on the water.

Paddle holder

As mentioned above, most paddles are made of lightweight materials, which means that they are also very easy to carry and transport. However, whether you are a yoga enthusiast who wants to practice yoga on the board or you just want to lie down and relax, you will need a holder to keep your paddle in place. Since not all SUPs are equipped with holders for paddles, it’s important to start looking for some safe holders that are capable of holding paddles of any weight or length. Also, you shouldn’t worry as they don’t damage the board in any way.

Carrying bag – carry strap

As a first-timer SUP rider, you will show a lot of interest in this item. The carrying bag is extremely important especially for paddlers that use an inflatable board. As you have probably noticed, when deflated, the inflatable boards come in a sleeping bag size. As long as we know, there are no carrying bags for hard boards. These types of boards are equipped with some kinds of straps that can be worn over your shoulder. In this case, the strap can be adjusted so you can get a good fit. On the other hand, with the carrying bag, things are easier. All you have to do is to deflate the board and wait until it is completely deflated. Now, you can roll it up to a small size and place it in the carrying bag. This will make transportation much easier.

Waterproof case

Whether you are a professional photographer or you just love making photos, having a waterproof case is a must-have. A 100% waterproof and sand proof case turns out to be one of the most popular items that most SUP paddlers claim to have in their SUP arsenal. Not only that it keeps the smartphone safe and secure, but it also holds other important items, including money, jewelry, car keys and so on. The latest models of waterproof cases come with a sensitive design that allows you with a simple touch to operate the phone much easier. Also, there are larger cases that allow you to bring tablets or laptops while holding them nice and dry.

SUP leash

Have you ever wondered why do you have to wear a leash while paddleboarding? The answer is simple: to save your life. If stand up paddleboarding is new to you, then it’s important to know that a leash could save your life. The SUP leash is a cord that comes attached to the tail of the board. It is connected to the rider’s ankle via a comfortable strap. It is used to keep the board near you. When you fall off the board, you can easily lose control of it. A leash guard keeps you closer to the board.

Choosing an ankle leash is quite complicated as there are many on the market. However, a good-quality one should be made of sturdy and durable materials. Most cords are made of urethane and padded neoprene ankle cuff. The swivels are made of heavy stainless steel. However, a leash should be flexible and lightweight. More than that, it has to be easy to use and attach. We strongly advise you to try it before you buy it.

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