The Ideal Home for Starting a Family

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November 8, 2018
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Starting a family is hard as it is, from decision making to implementing the decision. Choosing a house to fit all of these changes is even harder, especially when you don’t know what’s coming. Everything is seasoned with a lot of excitement, happiness, expectations, but also worries, fears, anxiety. It’s an important part of everyone’s life and you should get all the information you need before buying a house. The best thing is that the Internet is so rich in answers to all of your questions and we’re here to help.

Child friendly everything

When you decide to start a family the first thing that you think of is where you’re going to raise your kids. You need a save neighborhood, a safe environment, a kindergarten and a school nearby, playgrounds, shops, everything. Besides this, the house itself should be safe for a child coming into this world. The ideal house should work with you and help you be the super parents your kids need you to be. Here’s a short checklist with basic features a house should have:

  • Open space is very important especially when your kids turn into toddlers. You should be able to watch them while cooking a healthy meal for them at the same time, so the kitchen should be communicating with the living room.
  • Staircases should be secure and should permit childproof grates. It’s not very pleasant when a beautiful open staircase puts in danger the life of a child who’s just learning how to crawl and walk.
  • Laundry room should be a closed room, where you can store all the cleaning products away from the curious hands and mouths of toddlers. It even says on the packages.
  • Storage space should be enough for everybody. Kids need a lot of it for their clothes (they outgrow them very fast) and for the mountains of toys everyone showers them with and of which they get bored faster than you’d think. Also, you should be able to hide the treats from them.
  • Backyards should be fenced, because kids love to play outside and it’s the safest way to let them do so and also to be able to keep an eye on them while managing your chores.

You can find everything in Paradise Valley homes for sale. It meets all the expectations, being a small town with a lot of comfort to offer.

Neighborhood and location in general

While searching for a house that fits all of the above is not that hard, finding it in a safe location and environment is not a walk in the park. These kinds of neighborhoods are some kind of a rare bird these days, because of course everybody wants them and besides, realters are not allowed to divulge this information anyway. You can do a little research on your own, though. But to save you some time, there are some Stadium lofts for sale in a small community right in downtown Phoenix.

Everything else

You should not neglect your budget and legalities, because you’re in for a long run and if you cannot agree on these 2 major issues, all the fuss would have been for nothing and you’d be in great debt.


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