These genius carpet cleaning hacks will get rid of stubborn carpet stains

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October 31, 2017
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Nothing completes a room better than a beautiful rug, but what happens when a stubborn stain takes away from its beauty? The best way to get rid of the stain quickly and effectively is to call in a team of residential carpet cleaning experts, but if you can’t do this right away, we have some genius carpet cleaning hacks that will give your carpet the first aid it needs.  

How to get rid of coffee stains

Coffee table accidents are the most common reason why homeowners want to get rid of carpet stains. Seeing an entire coffee cup spill on your freshly cleaned white rug can look like a disaster, but don’t worry, the stain is not impossible to clean, even a few days after it’s dried. To get rid of coffee carpet stains, first vacuum the dirty area thoroughly. Then, mix 1-part vinegar with three parts water and apply this solution on the stain. Take a damp towel or old T-shirt, place it over the stain and then iron over it. Within, seconds, the heat and steam will remove the stain little by little.

How to get rid of grease

You use dish soap to clean greasy plates, so why not use it to remove the grease in carpets as well? Mix a couple of drops of dish detergent with water and spray the solution on the grease stain. Let the detergent work its magic for a few seconds, then blot the area with a damp cloth. Repeat the operation until the grease is gone.

Stain + odour removal tips

Sometimes the odour is a bigger problem than the stain. If you’ve spilled a strong smelling food on the carpet or your pet has had an accident, you will need to apply a solution that eradicates the odour as well. For this, you will need the same solution of water and vinegar as for removing coffee stains, only this time add a few drops of essential oil in the mix. Something like lavender or orange will neutralise the bad smell while at the same time getting rid of the odour.

Shaving cream: the carpet stain remover you didn’t know you had

Not sure what solution to use for a certain type of stain? Then use shaving cream! If it’s gentle enough for your skin, it won’t damage the carpet either and it will deal with most stains. For best results, leave the cream to act for 30 minutes and pat gently afterwards.  

When to leave carpet cleaning to the experts

Using the DIY approach is useful in some cases, but you shouldn’t forget that professional carpet cleaning is recommended to keep your carpet in perfect condition. In Dublin, there are many companies that use effective yet safe ways of removing stains and provide additional services too, such as deep carpet cleaning or carpet maintenance. Resort to professional solutions at least twice a year to make sure your carpet is free from allergens and bacteria build-up or if your carpet is made from a delicate material that you don’t know how to deal with.     

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