Tips to learn a foreign language faster while studying abroad

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April 29, 2016
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If you are interested in learning a specific foreign language, you have to agree to the fact that the best way to do this is actually to live in the country where that language is spoken. It is the most effective way to acquire it. For some people, learning a foreign language seems like something quite difficult to do, but knowing these useful tips makes everything a lot easier. Decide upon the best place for you to learn that language and look for student accommodation Sheffield Universities right away.

Choose to live with a host family

One great method to learn a foreign language you should definitely take into account is to do some research and look for host families you can live with. The benefits that come with living with a host family is that your brain keeps making those new and important linguistic connections you need for learning that language and you will acquire it a lot easier. Try to avoid using English or your native language because this will make your work even harder and it will take more time to learn the foreign language.

Immediately use the newly learnt words

When learning some new words, it is highly important to put them to use as soon as possible, because this way those words will stick in your brain. Even though you learn some words you think you might never need, force yourself to use them to help your brain remember them for later.

Chunks might be more useful than just words

Simply learning individual words will not help you learn to speak a foreign language. You need to know the contexts in which those words are used and what their significance is. Listen for chunks instead of words is more useful, scientists claim. Take one example from English. For instance, translating to a foreigner the chunk “by the way” word for word will definitely confuse the foreigner. However, if you treat it as a whole and you explain it this way, it will be a lot easier for that foreigner to understand its meaning.

Talk to fresh parents

Believe it or not, fresh parents can really help you learn a foreign language. Most native speakers who have recently become parents are more likely to be more patient compared to parents of older children. The reason is that they can spot potential grammatical mistakes or improperly used vocabulary a lot quicker, thus helping you improve your language skills.

Write down every new word you hear

Walking down the streets and carrying a notebook with you where you write all new words you hear in order to look them up in the dictionary later is a great method to help you improve your language skills. Do not feel ashamed to ask someone to repeat a word you did not understand in the first place so you could write it down.

Overall, these are some useful tips students should take into consideration when they want to learn a foreign language while studying abroad.

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