Top 4 Best 2015 Refrigerators

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May 12, 2016
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Buying a new refrigerator shouldn’t be a challenging or time-consuming task, but for the majority of people it actually is. It isn’t always easy to find a refrigerator that will suit your individual preferences and requirements, because as a matter of fact there are many refrigerator models that have a modern and stylish design but lack several features. To help choose an efficient yet modern appliance, we’ve put together a list of the most popular and most modern models of 2015.

GE CFE28TSHSS ($3,100)

What makes this refrigerator one of the most popular choices of many homeowners around the world is the fact that it has a stylish and sleek design that can complement any type of interior decor, but it is also packed with the latest features and technologies that are designed to keep food fresh for longer. This particular model offers plenty of storage space for your favorite foods. It comes with wide shelves that can accommodate large platters, such as pizza boxes and they also tall enough to fit tall containers or a variety of beverages. It also features a LDC panel that can serve ice, cold or hot water and even show the photos that you’ve uploaded with a flash drive.

Samsung RS25H5000BC ($1,300)

The Samsung RS25H5000BC is a more affordable price, because it costs under $1,500. Although it’s half the price of the GE CFE28TSHSS, there are many things that you can love about this particular model. Other than providing a lot of storage space withing its 36-inch frame, it includes a built-in dispenser on the exterior door for providing ice and fresh water. Other than that, it comes with a digital display that allows you to adjust the interior temperature of the fridge to ensure that it keeps an optimal temperature at all times.

LG LTCS24223B ($1,100)

The LG LTCS24223B  is another affordable choice. This modern refrigerator offers 24-cubic feet of storage space in the fridge and freezer section. For more convenience, it also comes with an ice maker, which can be very useful for when you want to quickly make a fresh lemonade or a tasty cocktail. The humidity-controlled drawers can keep your favorite vegetables and fruits fresh for longer periods of time. The cheese and meats can be easily stored in the full-width pantry drawers.

KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS ($2,900)

This KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS has all the features that you look for in refrigerator. For starters, it has an attractive and modern design so it can easily become the focal point of your kitchen. Furthermore, it includes five compartments that are fully adjustable so you can fit a variety of food. In addition to that, it has a water and ice dispenser and below even a touchscreen display that allows you to adjust the temperature of the unit and other basic settings.

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