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There are plenty of travel destinations that make perfect choices for foodies. The context in those destinations is just perfect for those who want to discover new, amazing places and enjoy incredible foods while they’re at it. Charming landscapes, foods flavoured in wine and spices and unexpected ingredients, this is why foodies choose to travel the world to find their new impressive food adventures. Keep reading below if you want to find out which destinations are incredible for similar adventures.

1. Djibouti, Africa

Djibouti is a little piece of heaven that everybody who sets foot in irremediably falls in love with. A little bit of nature, a little bit of stunning architecture and plenty of impressive food, if you search for it where you MUST. This is a tiny land inhibited by a heterogenous ethnic composition and you will find food with different influences here, as the experts at point out.

If you are a fish lover, you will find your little piece of haven instantly here. You have non-stop access to freshly caught fish here, as this is a coastal country. At local markets, you will find plenty of intriguing and diverse selection of fish. Plus, you can hunt down those restaurants with a reputation for their exclusive meals, which consist of various types of fish, mainly.

Medoza, Argentine

Wine lovers, behold, as Medoza, Argentina is one of those places on Earth where some of the best wines out there come from. Besides, this is yet another perfect spot for foodies since all that good wine has to come accompanied by something equally flavourful and intricate. You will be able to visit vineyards and restaurants in a relaxing and equally breath-taking atmosphere. The landscape offers a stunning view of the Andes. A destination that you will find all kinds of beautiful, overall?

Manila, Philippines

You may not know this about Manila, but this is one of those destinations that foodies go raving about. It’s the Mecca of the food lover. It’s hard to describe what makes this destination just perfect for a food lover, but the Palawan island is certainly a place that you want to put on your list.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This travel destination is one that will certainly make the delight of all foodies out there. With plenty of gourmet restaurants and friendly locals, you will find plenty to eat, drink and enjoy while here. With ultra-modern menus and plenty of intriguing meals, visit Copenhagen for plenty of joy and courses bursting with flavour.

Catalunya, Spain

If you ever went to Spain, then you know that its whole culture and heritage revolves around food, mainly. You should know that each region has some courses very specific to it and you will never encounter similar meals in two different regions of Spain. And thus, you should go ahead and visit Catalunya as one of the most intriguing regions in Spain from a culinary point of view.

This is our top regions you should visit in 2019. They are directly targeted at foodies but not only as everybody will enjoy these destinations.

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