Traditional Asian food: tasteful and healthful Chinese dishes

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April 30, 2018
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Asian food is nutritional and balanced, providing everything the average person’s body needs to be healthy. Chinese cuisine lacks nutrient free food and sugar, which easily explains why obesity does not represent an issue like in other countries. No, Chinese people do not follow a secret diet or exercise more often than the rest of the world. In fact, the number of calories they consume is considerably bigger than you might expect. Keeping that in mind, the next question inevitably arises: what do Chinese people do or eat in order to look that good and in shape? Well, a simple change like placing vegetables at the forefront during every meals instead of using them as additional components of a dish makes a huge difference. Remember that overstuffing your body with poor quality food is probably as worse as not eating enough. You need to find a way to balance your food intake by including more liquid foods into your diet. If you only eat dry foods, then your body will constantly ask you for water.

Healthful and flavorful Chinese dishes that you have to try

This article has the purpose to inform you about the most popular Chinese dishes that every person should try at least once in her lifetime because they are equally healthful and flavorful. However, if you want to stay faithful to the original recipes, then you should undoubtedly consider visiting a Chinese online supermarket because the chances of not finding the required ingredients like Chinese 5-spice powder at your local grocery store are quite high. Moving on to the main subject of interest, namely the famous dishes, these refer to sweet and sour pork, dumplings, spring rolls and peaking roasted duck. Jellyfish, which Chinese people eat cold along with green onions and sesame oil, century eggs, which they serve either alone or with tofu, sea cucumbers, which represent a delicacy and hot pot, a Chinese version of fondue, enter the same category meaning that you have a long list of options available. Not finding a recipe that suits your tastes is almost impossible.

The basic ingredients of the most popular Chinese dishes

Once you gather all the necessary ingredients from Asia Foodie, you can start preparing one or more popular dishes mentioned above. Sweet and sour pork must have a bright orange-red color and you have the possibility to replace the pork with other ingredients, such as beef or chicken. Other ingredients involve sale, white sugar, light soy sauce, starch, tomato sauce, coriander and vinegar. Dumplings are famous worldwide and consist in a combination of chopped vegetables and minced meat wrapped in dough. When it comes to the filling, you can opt for ground chicken, diced shrimp or beef. Other ingredients include salt, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil cooking wine and chicken powder. Spring rolls gave a cylindrical shape and contain meat or vegetables, thus acquiring a sweet or savory flavor. In order to obtain a golden yellow color, you need to fry them. Peaking roasted duck comes from Beijing, which prefers duck for its crispy and thin skin.

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