Trending home design ideas you must try in 2018

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December 29, 2017
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Home designers prepared some new cutting-edge trends in terms of home design, and you must try at least the affordable ones of those. Most certainly, you have already on your schedule some improvements to bring to your home, but before rushing to action, you might want to take a closer look at the ideas presented below.

Exterior lighting is the norm

Garden lighting and architectural lighting are two design trends that are increasing in popularity in the year of 2018 because they can put your property in the most appealing instance possible. Exterior lighting solutions are plenty, but make sure to pick the right one for your particular case. If you want to put the accent on your garden, then invest in alleyway lighting solutions. However, you might want to make sure that you invest in some designer lighting, because these specialists surely can put your house under the spotlight. These teams usually offer consultation sessions before installing such solutions, making sure that each client’s needs and aspirations will be accomplished at the end of the project. If you want to put some accents on some beautiful architectural elements of your home, consider architectural lighting solutions. As you can easily notice, the solutions available in terms of beautifying a property are plenty. You just want to make sure that you pick the right designer lighting solution.

Subtle colour palettes

A certain colour palette can bring your entire home together. Once again, you might want to hunt down interior design magazines and find out what hues work together best. For instance, a great subtle mix of shades would be burnished lilac, elderberry and Hawthorne rose. Not a clue what those colour names designate? Well, it’s all about mauves, either mutter, either bright. Combine those with some interesting shades of blue, and you’ll have a unique, delicate colour palette.

Bring in the nature

If you want a more coherent appearance of your home, then you must consider bringing part of the nature inside. You can either install some amazing French doors that will offer a better view of your garden, or you can consider introducing some plants in your overall design. Make sure to check with a specialist and see which plants work best in your particular situation. Depending on where you live, the climate, where you are willing to place the plants, you might need different species. You can also consider to introduce natural construction materials in, such as limestone and so on. These will create an amazing visual effect, and truth be told, these are unlikely to go out of fashion in the next few years.

These three interior and exterior design ideas might make your house a home and might offer it more class, if handled properly. Keep in mind that these projects cannot be turned into a DIY project, needing a professional touch. These are only some predictions in terms of home and garden design for 2018, and you can adapt these to your particular needs and situation.


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