10 Tricks to Survive Summer Without an AC

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May 28, 2019
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Although its function is very simple, the air conditioner is a very complex machine. First off, air conditioners use more electricity than other household devices, but some people still prefer larger-size units that draw more power as these generally help make the house feel colder. When it’s warm outside, you’re tempted to use it, but there are other options you can look into if you want to go through summer without the AC.

Is an AC harmful?

There are so many problems caused by the use of this device. It’s possible that you can get some problems, like a sore throat or colds. Inevitably, if you leave the AC on for a long time, you can have a sore throat. To sum it up, the AC can be dangerous for your health if misused or abused.

Ten tricks to manage summer without an air conditioner

1. Eliminate heat sources

Try to avoid cooking things that require extended periods of heating, but rather turn to summer-friendly dishes that don’t require you use the oven. It’s possible to keep a cool home if you keep the oven off, otherwise, it will warm up your home very fast. If heating the food is required, try using the microwave instead if possible.

2. Close the windows

First of all, keep your windows covered and closed. If you don’t keep them this way, the sun will heat up your house. In addition to this, if you want to keep them open, make sure that the sunlight doesn’t directly hit them.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink enough water during the day. As we know, water helps regulate the body temperature and helps maintain proper blood circulation. When we don’t consume enough water, our body can’t tolerate the heat strain.

4. Be careful with warm air

Warm air can cause body temperature increase, and at the same time, it can lead to dehydration which puts a strain on the heart. If you happen to live in an area where the air is dry too, you have more issues on your hand to tackle, but they can be fixed quite ingeniously with a cool mist humidifier as moisture levels indoors are increased through the release of a cool mist. Thus, humidity is elevated, and the cool moisture released into the air makes the environment feel colder as well.

5. Use ceiling fans

In these conditions, ceiling fans are the best back-up plan if you can’t tolerate the hot weather. As long as they keep the air circulating through the house, the temperature will be consistent. It’s also a healthier option because you can let it turned on all day without any harmful effects on your body like migraines or a sore throat.

6. Get a cotton pillow or sheet

Cotton is a breathable material and it keeps away the moisture, so you won’t sweat. Fortunately, cotton bedding is ideal for airflow in the bedroom. For granted, this won’t keep the temperature low all night, but it’s your best solution.

7. Unplug everything during the night

Surprisingly, saving energy can protect your house from the intensifying heat. Reduce the temperature in the house by unplugging electronic devices. Better yet, this is an eco-friendly method and helps with the climate change issue. Another benefit is that you save money by cutting energy use.

8. Use your house

Avoid going out on a hot day. Stay cooler in the intimacy of your house. In this case, we can find fun solutions. You can play board games or invite some friends to your place. Although, don’t forget to cover the window!

9. Exclude caffeine and alcohol

Even though these beverages are a common part of our life and we can’t avoid them completely, at least let’s try to reduce them when it’s hot outside. In a normal lifestyle, caffeinated drinks are a diuretic which causes dehydration symptoms. Similarly, alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration because of the diuretic effect it has, causing your body to lose fluids more rapidly.

10. Routine-related tips

Decrease the whole body’s temperature by taking cold showers in the morning. Similar to this, you can have a bucket of water next to the bed and just dip your feet whenever the warmth encompasses you. In the same tone, we continue with cold compresses with rice – fill a sock with rice and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, and you can use it to cool off.

Indeed, all these tips are generalities. You can choose what to do according to your needs and possibilities. As illustrated in our article, the need for an air conditioner is not imperative. There are other appropriate tactics you can use that are more beneficial for the environment as well.
With all these said, for every device there is a reasonable alternative.

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