Warning signs your garbage disposal needs replacement

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July 3, 2017
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July 18, 2017


The majority of people do not offer their garbage disposal any attention. You only notice it when you have to flush food debris down the drain, or when you have to clear a sink. Also, people remember of the disposal, when they cannot find an item, and they are anxious that they might have thrown it there, and they have to look for it in the disposal’s depths. However, for the majority of time you do not think about it, so you would not notice if it has to be repaired or replaced. Your garbage disposal plays an important role in keeping your house clean, because it eliminates the food waste, and it washes it directly down the sink into the sanitation system. In case you have not purchased one already, then you should check online to see which one is the best garbage disposal, because you have to buy a product that is able to wash the food remnants without clogging the pipes of your house.

You have to press the reset button often

In case, lately you have to reset the button every time you use the garbage disposal, then you should check it, because it may have insufficient wiring, or it may has started to age. If this is the case, then you should think about buying a new one, because this will not function properly, and it may clog the pipes. The first thing you have to do in this situation is to call a plumber to inspect the disposal and state if it is worn out, and if you should repair it, or buy a new one. In case the plumber cannot find the problem, then you should speak with an electrician, because the issue may be with the electrical system.

Your garbage disposal has a bad odor

If you tried to do everything, you used chemical agents, cold and hot water, citrus fruits, and other alternative methods, you might have found online, and you had no success in getting the smell out of the disposal, then you should consider buying a new one. You also have the possibility to disassemble and clean the device, and in case you notice that the problem persists, then you should check online to see if you could find a InSinkErator evolution excel and buy one.

The disposal takes a long time to break the food

If you notice that recently the disposal takes more time than usually to break down the food, then you should check it, because it may need repairs. The majority of garbage disposals have the power to break the food remnants in no more than a couple of seconds, so if it takes longer, then it is a sign that it does not function properly. This may mean that the blades are dulled and in this case, you will not have to replace it, because all you have to do is to ask the plumber replace or sharpen the blades. These are only some of the signs that you should replace or repair your garbage disposal, if you notice that something goes wrong, then you should get in touch with a professional to check it.


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