What is SIM only pay as you go?

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July 18, 2017
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Whether you choose a monthly contract or a SIM only for your mobile services, each of them comes with advantages and disadvantages. However, when comparing these two options available, most people would say that the SIM only option is the most accessible and cost-effective. If you don’t know what exactly pay as you go is and are curious to find out more, the article below will provide you the right answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

What are SIM only and pay as you go more exactly?

To put it simply, a SIM only plan is exactly what the name suggests – a plan specifically designed for the SIM card. The reason why monthly contracts still exists in big mobile service companies is that they offer people the opportunity to replace their old smartphones with some brand new ones for a very small amount of money, which can be quite convenient for someone who is on a limited budget and needs to change their smartphone urgently.

Similarly, pay as you go, just like the name suggests, implies that the user has the possibility to pay for a specific package of minutes, texts and data usage without being limited to it the entire month. Pay as you go provides flexibility and allows you to switch to other options or packages available at any time you want.

When should I get a pay as you go SIM only deal?

If you own a phone that you already love and don’t have the intention of changing it yet, the pay as you go option will definitely suit your needs. In most cases, people choose to sign contract deals with mobile companies in order to benefit from a smaller price on the smartphone they have laid eyes on for a while.

How is this option better than a monthly contract?

When it comes to PAYG deals, the value can sometimes be greater and more convenient compared to contract deals for instance. This means that for the same amount of money (or even a smaller one) that you had to pay if singing a contract deal, you would have had access to higher loads of texts, minutes and data usage. Most of the times, this option is perfect for teenagers, especially when speaking about data, because the younger generation spends a greater deal of time browsing the Internet compared to the generation their parents belong to.

How to get the best PAYG deal?

First, you need to know that each mobile service company has genuine packages when it comes to pay as you go deals. Each company comes with its own offers and benefits in order to attract their customers. Before you choose a specific PAYG deal, it is recommended you do your research well. Consider some essential aspects in making your decision, such as whether or not the mobile service company provides 4G signal coverage, the prices they have for their PAYG deals and, most importantly, take into account the way you intend to use your SIM only PAYG – whether you will use it to make calls more often, send texts or browse the Internet. 

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