Why a Disabled Person Needs a Personal Assistant?

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May 5, 2021
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A personal assistant is an individual who can provide support to a disabled person in different aspects of their lives, and this includes:

  • Personal care
  • Assistance at school
  • Household tasks
  • University or the workplace
  • Driving
  • Preparing meals
  • Getting dressed
  • Taking medication

The personal care of a disabled person can involve other tasks that you might decide need to be done.

Many families have tried to help their disabled family members but failed, as this isn’t an easy job at all. Some might simply not be able to deal with all the challenges, or they lack time and patience. Or, in some cases, family members aren’t able to understand and support a disabled person’s needs. As your disabled child or other family member gets older, they need much proper care and adapt to the new requirements.

Becoming a BPA is also a good way to assist disabled family members through their everyday life.

So, support your family by identifying what works best for them.

How to find a personal assistant for a disabled person?

You can either decide to interview some potential assistants or go to an agency and hire a support provider. The advantage to hire yourself an assistant is that you have the freedom to choose the one you find most suited. But this is time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes, you might get fooled. So, choose a brukerstyrt personlig assistant from a reputable company, to avoid compromising your time.

Whether you employ someone from a company or recruit them yourself, it’s important to ask for references to ensure you and your family can trust them. Once you’ll have a shortlist of your potential candidate, feel free to ask them questions about themselves. Ask about their personal interests, previous work experience, training, etc.

A personal assistant will help disabled people be more confident

Disabled people don’t refer only to people in wheelchairs: a disability is also a condition that can significantly change the usual standard of a person or group. This includes:

  • Physical impairment
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Sensory impairment
  • Intellectual impairment mental illness
  • Other various types of chronic diseases

Disability is theorized as:

  • Body structure and function
  • A person’s activity restrictions
  • Participation restrictions

Disability can affect people in multiple ways, even if two persons have the same type of disability. Some may be hidden, others may be visible. Disabled people like to be social, talk to friends, write, draw, and make other normal things.

At BPA Oslo, you will be able to choose an assistant that can live alone with your child or another disabled family member. It is very important that the BPA leader is understanding, and manages to create a good relationship between them. Disabled people like to share stories with others, and they also dream to get married: help them achieve these wishes and live a normal and happy life, as they deserve.

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